Where To Eat In Waukesha

When you want to dine at a foodie location, or if you want to try a new restaurant, you will need to know where to eat in Waukesha County. There are some great restaurants in this part of the US, but a majority of them may require some driving around to find your way to.

Some restaurants are great, and others not so much. But for the sake of this topic, we’ll focus only on the regional cuisines being offered in Spring City. So here’s a little bit of information to help you find out what Waukesha has to offer.

Read more as we’ll talk about where to eat in Waukesha and highlight the types of cuisines that you can expect once you visit this place.



american dining

Waukesha is home to restaurants that offer unique American sandwiches, mouth-watering burgers, and innovative wraps. While dinner entrees are sourced from local producers like pork, beef, chicken, and seafood. The Tofte’s Table alone which is one of the best restaurants in Waukesha, WI, offers some of the finest American comfort food on their menu.

And to maximize your Waukesha dining experience, we recommend you to try out custard stands, drive-ins, and pizzerias.


There are also a number of great Asian restaurants in Waukesha. To be specific, you’ll be able to find a diverse selection of delectable Malaysian, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese dishes. And at most of these restaurants, you will notice that they have a dedicated area for takeout food. It is amazing how many restaurants have this option because this makes it so much easier to go out for a meal when you don’t feel like standing in line.

Many of the chefs working in these eating spots have for some of the best restaurants in the world, which is why you can expect only the best tasting food at these locations. Of course, you can expect fantastic prices as well, though there are some places that also have an affordable price point.


The county has 12 restaurants that offer authentic Mexican dining experience. Just keep in mind that these places have a reputation for being very spicy as they want to highlight the fresh and vibrant flavors of their dishes.


If you want to experience Italian cuisine, we recommend you to visit family-owned restaurants as they serve their family recipes for generations.

Bars, Breweries, And Wine

We suggest you to join wine tastings, tours, and pairings on any of their bars and pubs. And aside from good food, tourists are treated to first-class evening entertainment from trivia games to live music.

Coffee, Bakeries And Sweets

Waukesha has so many coffee shops to choose from, and each has its own specialties. And all their baked goodies are guaranteed fresh like fruit-filled muffins, giant cinnamon rolls, Baklava, and so much more. Their coffee concoctions are also recommended for their cafés offer unique coffee mixes in their menus.

Greek And Irish

And finally, traditional Mediterranean cuisines also abound the county for Waukesha is also filled with friendly Greek and Irish restaurants serving delicious Mediterranean meals made with fresh vegetables and heart-healthy ingredients. Just make sure to leave some room for their warm and savory desserts.

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